Revive Your Skin with a Natural Hydration Boost

If there’s one thing the scientific community is good at, it’s recognizing when a species is just better off with a catchy nickname. And I must say, they did a pretty good job with this one. Today we’re going to talk about an ingredient that will really revive skin hydration levels.

Myrothamnus Flabellifolia, or as its better known – the Resurrection Plant – is pretty badass right? That’s because it is! The Resurrection Plant is a super effective skincare ingredient, that brings your skin some wonderful hydration and protection. It also happens to be the star of our Forever Youth Moisture Cream! I’ll get to why that is, and what makes it so effective as an anti-aging component that revives your skin in a minute. First, let’s talk about how it got that cool nickname.

The Resurrection Plant

So, the Resurrection Plant is classified as an extremophile – which sounds like something a pretentious extreme-sports enthusiast would call themselves. However, what an extremophile actually is, is an organism that survives and thrives in extreme environments! Think of it like Tupac’s “The Rose that Grew from Concrete,” but more extreme. These are species that survive in extremely cold, hot, dry, dangerous, and/or high-pressure environments.

An example of an extremophile is the microscopic organism Loricifera, which was found in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. It thrives in a salty, highly sulphuric, freezing cold, and the highly pressurized environment with no oxygen or light. Another example is people who live in Edmonton, Alberta (I apologize for that obnoxiously Canadian joke). The thing that’s really cool about extremophiles is that we can study them to learn what makes them so resilient. So, by isolating that element of their physiological makeup that helps them survive, we are able to discover things that can be really useful to humans! And that’s exactly the case with the Resurrection Plant.

The Resurrection Plant is native to desert regions throughout Southern Africa – some of the hottest, and driest environments in the world. The Resurrection Plant got its name because it will go through months of drought. During the drought, it receives nothing but the sun bearing down on it, with no moisture for nourishment. During these droughts the plant shrivels up and turns brown, it looks completely dead like most plants would be in this environment. But then, when the drought stops and the plant gets those first few drops of rain, it blooms! It turns lushly green and full of life, seemingly coming back from the dead – hence the name the Resurrection Plant!

From The Desert To The Skin-Lab

The scientific community marveled at the plants resilience and ability to survive so long after having seemingly died. They studied it and discovered that the plant has an extremely strong cellular membrane, which makes it super effective at retaining moisture. And it is exactly that characteristic of the Resurrection Plant that makes it an amazing skincare ingredient! When used as a topical agent, extract from this plant has the ability to protect the structural integrity of our skin cells. It strengthens them so that they can more effectively retain moisture and preserve the skin’s most important lipids from oxidation.

Our Key Hydration Ingredient

So, now you see why the Resurrection is the star of our Forever Youth Moisture Cream; it’s an incredible anti-aging ingredient! Oxidative stress and dehydration are probably the skin’s two biggest enemies against the visible signs of aging. Our Forever Youth Moisture Cream will strengthen a weakened cellular barrier, provide all-season/all-weather protection, revitalize sensitive skin, reduce skin reddening, visibly improve skin texture and revive skin hydration levels! This moisturizer, that is infused with the resilient hydrating powers of the Resurrection Plant, will bring out the best in your skin. To give your complexion a fresher, bouncier, and more radiant look!