The Best Sunscreen For Your Skin Type

I have this theory that our collective aversion to sunscreen is linked to the hot summer days of childhood. When parents would slather a 2-inch-thick coat of it all over our faces after chasing us down and interrupting playtime.

But maybe that’s just me.

Generally, the biggest issue people have when it comes to sunscreen is simple. The ones you’re choosing are not compatible with your skin type! We tend to treat shopping for sunscreen like buying ice cream. Who cares what brand it is, it’s ice cream, it always gets the job done – it’s not delicious! Big mistake.

Realistically, you should choose your sunscreen carefully chosen depending on your needs, like any other skincare product in your beauty regimen.

With this in mind, here are some of our best nuggets of advice to help you choose the best sunscreen for your skin type:


The Best Sunscreen For Your Skin Type

For Dry Skin

This one is fairly simple –  your sunscreen needs to have moisturizing and hydrating properties if your skin is naturally dry. These are going to be your heavier, creamier textured sunscreens. We suggest looking out for sunscreens that contain hyaluronic acid and ceramides for extra hydration!

For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the human oil producers! To avoid that overly shiny-face look this summer you need to look for sunscreens that are non-comedogenic. Meaning they do not clog the pores – they’re lightweight, oil-free, and have a matte finish. You don’t want a product that will dry out the skin, because it will then want to produce more oil. Instead, opt for one that balances the oils and gives you the proper level of hydration.


For Darker Skin Tones

This one is for the people with melanin-rich skin, who refuse to be caught outside this summer wearing generic sunscreen brands that leave a thick, white cast on your skin!  We suggest looking for a sunscreen that is oil-based or even a gel-like serum. These will absorb nicely and leave a sleek matte finish while maintaining a high level of protection.


For Lighter, Highly Burn-Prone Skin

If you fall asleep at the beach for an hour and wake up looking like half a lobster – this section is for you! People that burn easily tend to spring for 50-100 SPF formulas. Which are often full of excess chemicals but really only offer marginally more protection. You’re better off with a 15-20 SPF, but the key here is constant reapplication, about every two hours! Plus, here’s a pro tip: buy one that applies visibly to the skin. This way before it fades, you can see exactly where you’ve applied so you can avoid missing a spot.


For Mature Skin

As we know, overexposure to the Sun and UV Rays vastly accelerates the skin’s signs of aging. So, in this case, we should consider our sunscreen selection to have the dual function of also being an anti-aging product. We suggest using a mineral sunscreen right after your serums and moisturizer. This way, you can protect your skin first and foremost, but also properly hydrate and support it!


To Sum Up

Consistency is the most important thing when it comes to sunscreen. And we all know why, the Sun is incomprehensibly powerful and over-exposure to UV rays can cause skin-related issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, painful sunburns, premature signs of aging, and yes, skin cancer.

That’s why it’s so important to choose not only the best sunscreen for your skin type but also one that feels good too. It needs to be a product that you can seamlessly add to your daily routine. As well as one that you won’t mind applying several times when you’re outside on a beautiful sunny day.

Gone are the days of weird-smelling, eye-stinging, gooey-feeling, allergic-reaction-causing sunscreen formulas! It’s time for some innovation in the way effective sun protection products are made.

That is exactly what we have done at Isomers Labs. We took these issues into consideration and created a sunblock (yes, there is a difference), that is formulated with innovative UV Pearls® technology. Our technicians coated organic UV filters with silica sol-gel, this allows our sunblock to leave a non-visible layer of super resilient sun protection while providing a texture that is still silky-smooth to the skin.