What are Copper Peptides (P)

Copper P

The topic of What is Copper P evokes a basic (but interesting) principle in cosmetic chemistry regarding the natural elements of the world that our skin needs to thrive. Our bodies are capable of many things and repair and regeneration is one of them.  When injured our bodies have an innate “injury response” that happens automatically.  Copper ions and peptides have been identified as the first responders of our bodies to address injury and aid in healing.  Because of this discovery scientists understood the repairative value copper ions and peptides could have on the skin.  Imagine being able to topically apply a boosted dose what the skin needs exactly when and where it needs it. This is the importance of Copper P (Peptide) serum.


Well, we should all be familiar with what copper is, right? All kinds of everyday things are made from it – electrical wires, plumbing, kitchen sinks, tabletops, and more. Now, what about peptides? Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. In the picture below, you can see that amino acids are bonded together to create peptides, which are then arranged into a variety of different proteins.

So with that said, copper peptides are peptides made up of amino acids and copper – both of which can either be found naturally in the skin or introduced through a topical. Copper p carries and delivers copper to enzymes in the skin which aid in the production of essential proteins such as elastin and collagen. There is another important fact to note when it comes to copper peptides. When our bodies sustain an injury, our tissues release copper peptides for their regenerative and healing capabilities.

Quick History – Isomers & Copper Peptide Skincare

We are proud to say that Isomers Laboratories were early adopters of copper and peptides skincare! About 24 years ago we were asked to develop a solution that made us an innovator in the space. This happened when a plastic surgeon in Minnesota reach out to us to develop a product he could give to his patients after surgery. Essentially, he was looking for a skincare solution that would focus on wound healing while leaving behind minimal scars. Based on scientific research, we knew the body had a way to deal with injuries and wounds.  We understood that it recruited copper ions and peptides to the site in order to heal it and mend it like an invisible tailor.  Our idea was to imitate and mimic what the body does naturally with a topical solution.

Why we Love Fermented Skincare

When most people hear fermentation, they likely think of foods like kimchi and yogurt, or drinks like wine and kombucha. Just like your gut health, the key of fermented skincare is consistent – ferment compounds with yeast or bacteria for healthier skin. In skincare, by fermenting an active you are improving its absorption into the skin, and thus boosting the benefits it can give you. Fermentation improves the bioavailability of the active ingredients, meaning that it is more recognizable and cohesive with your skin. For a more thorough breakdown of fermented skincare, we highly recommend you read the what is fermented skincare blog.

Becasue we wanted to ensure that the trace minerals in the formula would have a role to play, we brought in the element of fermentation as part of the innovation.  Being aware of the form each ingredient is in speaks to the deliberate level of design we have for our overall formula.  We want it to work.  We want it to be good for its intended purpose, so we take the steps necessary to ensure each ingredient is in its best possible form.  This is why the 5 trace minerals in this formula are ferments.

For those interested in our copper peptide solution, Copper P (Peptide) Concentrate Serum, you can follow the link below for more information:



Skin Benefits of Copper p

In case you didn’t already notice, we love copper p skin care – and it is not for no reason! Below are some of the most important benefits of using copper peptide skincare.

  1. Has repair and rejuvenating properties.  When we sustain an injury our bodies reply by flooding the area with copper ions and collagen peptides.  In essence we have a natural “injury response” programmed and ready to help us.  What shows up to help fix us, is what we wanted in our formula.  Thus Copper P is ideal for fragile and sensitive skin types and helps calm skin down.
  2. Boosts Collagen and Elastin.  Both are foundational proteins, which results in additional rejuvenating benefits for the skin. You can get more information about the What’s the Big Deal with Collagen?
  3. Anti-aging Benefits – boosts skin vibrancy and reduces the look of fine lines wrinkles.  Smoothes and plumps the skin surface.
  4. Targets Inflammation and Irritation – calms and soothes, reduces redness and discomfort.
  5. Antioxidant – helps protect against free radicals and environmental stressors.
  6. Boost Hydration and Moisture in the skin.


We started this blog by introducing a sound principle of cosmetic chemistry. Before our skin begins to age, it has EVERYTHING it needs to thrive and look and feel its best. As the aging process begins, the synthesis of many of the essential elements we need gradually decreases. By studying how the body works to fix itself, we were able to reimagine a formula with these same elements.  We call this formula Copper P.