14% Azelaic Acid Booster Complex

Simple Science 14% Azelaic Acid Booster Complex

Unleash your skin’s potential with the 14% Azelaic Acid Booster Complex – a revolutionary skincare solution targeting acne, dark spots, and uneven tone.

How Long Do Eyelashes Take to Grow Back


How Long Do Eyelashes Take to Grow Back We love eyelashes.  Eyes are the windows to the soul and eyelashes are like a gorgeous frame that adds texture, focus, beauty, mystery, and sex appeal not just to the eyes, but to our overall persona.  So important are lashes that we do all that we can […]

How to Get Glass Skin

How to get glass skin

Learn how to achieve glass skin, a Korean beauty technique that gives you a pore-less, silky, and glowing complexion

Vitamin C for Acne Treatment

Vitamin C & Ferulic 15% Skin Brightening Concentrate

Vitamin C for Acne Treatment Vitamin C is one of the skincare industry’s most popular and favourite active ingredients. And it’s quite clear why! As a topical Vitamin C has been studied and tested on a wide variety of skin types and skin concerns. It has been most commonly used in formulas that target issues […]

What is Copper Peptide

copper peptides

What are Copper Peptides (P) The topic of What is Copper P evokes a basic (but interesting) principle in cosmetic chemistry regarding the natural elements of the world that our skin needs to thrive. Our bodies are capable of many things and repair and regeneration is one of them.  When injured our bodies have an […]

What to do after a facial

Have you ever wondered what to do after a facial?  It is beneficial to pamper your skin with a facial as it can be relaxing and hydrating. Patients often ignore the importance of taking care of their skin after a facial treatment. Maintaining your skin is just as important as pampering it. So, with this […]

How to Fix Aging Lips

Aging Lips

Discover how you can prevent the signs of aging on your lips and how to restore them to their plump, juicy state!